October 08, 2021

To work efficiently, any company heavily relies not only on powerful human resources, but also on effective and high-performance technological support. Working together, human skills and technological tools make it possible to swiftly process information, communicate with clients and provide analytical reports.

Maxyan Chassagnard, Account Manager of TKM, addresses the breakthrough that was Ninox - the database platform we use today - for the company. He provides a broad overview of the characteristics and advantages of the database, as well as the reasons of the switch to the platform:

1. Ninox is embedded in the company's operational processes and has been operating for more than 3 years. What has the program brought to TKM during this time and how has the company's performances evolved using this tool?

As an attorney at law, I quickly noticed the slow changes and adaptation of legal practice when it comes to intellectual property protection. This does not mean at all that there were few cases all over Russia. Quite the opposite. I quickly realised that there were more and more court cases, and there was simply no way to systematize information. I then decided to look for an optimal solution to respond to my professional needs. What I found was what every department of our company uses today - the solution was Ninox.

Since the introduction of the platform, entirely new operational processes have been created, allowing for fast interaction between departments and clients. The interaction process is now automated at all stages of the case - from its creation through to the completion of enforcement proceedings.

Ninox allows collaborators to keep daily records of key corporate processes and implements tools that favour an indicator-based approach with clients.

2. Ninox greatly eases the work of each department. According to internal statistics, 81% of our collaborators noted that the program proved itself useful in practice and reduced the processing time of a large amount of information. What, in your opinion, are the 3 main positive aspects of the database?

The first advantage of the database would be the ability to work with a large amount of information and data. At the time being, there are more than 8,000 cases logged into the system. It is important to emphasize that in this format, the maintenance of quarterly statistics and reporting for our clients are greatly simplified.

The second strong side of Ninox is its minimalist and shapable interface. Each employee can quickly find information on routine cases without interfering or searching through oceans of data while conducting their cases in parallel.

Finally, I would stress Ninox’s ease of use. The platform does not require programming skills. I have mastered 90% of the main functions within a couple of months.

3. Why did the company decide to switch to this platform, and what programs did collaborators use before that?

Prior to the introduction of Ninox, TKM employees used different operating systems (Windows, macOS), however there were obvious issues regarding formats, transferring data and sorting a large amount of information, which led to an unreasonable waste of time and human resources.

It was later decided to introduce a new, faster data accounting system into operational processes. The combination of powerful computer programs and qualified employees contributed, among other things, to an increase in the number of new cases handled and a decrease in time wasted on unfit tables and programs. 

At this stage, new and more advanced algorithms for processing and accounting information are being developed within Ninox, giving key indicators almost instantly and rapidly preparing reports for both current and potential clients.

4. How do you evaluate Ninox as part of the technological development framework of the company?

Introducing Ninox into TKM is one of the most important achievements for the company and for me personally. 

After having implemented this system, interaction between departments developed, along with our communication system with clients.

To date, Ninox allows us to transmit almost immediately client's requests to our internal departments, whereas previously the same task would have taken up to one working week. 

There is no doubt as for the rationality and effectiveness of the decision we made when switching to Ninox. We now have a scalable tool, which in its current configuration is in constant development alongside the company itself. We continue to adapt its capabilities to current requests and new tasks.

Representatives of the Ninox team also interviewed Maxyan, their publication can be found here


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