September 04, 2023

Since 2022 the frequency of cases we operate with so called Look Alike #trademarks is increasing due to withdrawals of global brands from Russian market. TKM International Consulting helps the rightholders to resist in current situation applying the years’ experience of our professional #team.

On the September 1, 2023 it was reported that the Moscow businessman intending to sell clothes and shoes, has applied for registration of a trademark “Abibas” in Rospatent (The Federal Service for Intellectual Property).

“The official registration of the “Abibas” brand in Russia is unlikely, as the trademarks belonging to the German “Adidas” continue to operate in the country”,- comments Alexandra Pelikh, head of the litigation department of the “Online Patent” company.

According to Alexandra Pelikh, the fact of filing an application for registration does not mean obtaining legal protection for it. After filing, Rospatent makes an examination in order to establish the registrability of the sign, and in case of revealing the identical or #confusingly similar trademarks registered to the name of the third parties in relation to the same goods, the registration of the new designation will be rejected.

Source: https://1prime.ru/global/20230901/841638056.html

The expertise of #TKM International Consulting comprises more than #2000 similar cases solved since 2020 for our partners providing a whole range of services:

  • recovery and compensation of damage;
  • compensation for the #illegal usage of a trademark;
  • #seizure and destruction of the counterfeit production;
  • other procedures.

We help not only the rightholders, but the #consumers as well, protecting them from the fake products which cause loss of money and can be harmful for health.

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