October 14, 2020

The modern market keeps challenging us, and in order to be confident in the reliability of doing business, it requires to plan the activities of the enterprise. As business community says, follow the Rule of the 6 P's - Prior Planning & Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Checking a counterparty is one of the points in business planning, that allows to prevent poor performance.

Why is it important?

To make an excellent performance, a company needs to interact with different counterparties (service providers, partners, customers) and it's always a risk – not all of them can be reliable.

In order to manage and minimize risks associated with the reliability of counterparties, TKM performs Deu Diligence & Compliance. Our risk management tools aim to provide a precise assessment in a number of relevant indicators that allow you and your company to form a qualitative opinion and an impartial estimate of the reliability of the companies.

What will be assessed?

1. Legal position

TKM intends to analyze the legal basis of company's registration to make sure that:

  • a company acts in accordance with the initially established regulation;
  • its activities are carried out within the framework of the law and comply with the declared types of activities.  

TKM obtains this data through personal informants and experts, who guarantee the reliability of the information received. It should be noted that each company always has its own specifics, which in some cases are acceptable in the course of normal activities, while in others they can lead to suspicions of legitimacy. TKM specialists check them, analyze, and present in their reports.

2. Market position

Evaluating the position of the company on the market and in the industry as a whole, assessing internal and external risks that the company may face in the course of its activities, examining the competitive environment of the business are the main actions to consider while assessing a market position. Besides these we suggest to analyze:

  • their activities and proposed range of services;
  • online position (e.g. media information that may be significant for the company's operations);
  • offline position (e.g. study the opinion of the company from staff, customers, etc.);
  • identify links of the organization with other enterprises and conduct an analysis of parent companies.

3. Financial position

Financial health analysis is one of the essential parts of Due Diligence. TKM specialists perform an analysis of key performance indicators, which allows us to assess the prospects for their further activity, as well as to carry out a graphical analysis, to calculate the solvency of companies and value its financial independents. We check if companies act within the law and successfully represent their interests in court. There are maybe risks of insolvency in case of losing the case, and we will check in advance whether the organization can cope with these potential difficulties.

The benefits of effective Due Diligence & Compliance

Due Diligence can be useful not only for checking contractors, but also for monitoring competitors, and estimating your own business. For example, in addition to the standard Due Diligence procedure, our analysts draw up a Risk map that takes into account various factors that directly and indirectly affect your activities.

A comprehensive risk map for your organization with TKM will give you a clear understanding of the competitive environment, reckon for the factors and conditions that impact on company's activities. Additionally, TKM analysts will include a competent overview of the opportunities and solutions, that will help you to avoid some significant financial losses.

Moreover, TKM's Due Diligence will help you if there is a need to find a conscientious counterparty in a new region, but information is limited and not full.


Due Diligence allows to assess the current state of affairs of your company, counterparty or competitor, and it's an irreplaceable element before the compliance procedure. Alignment of the company's standards with legislation, increase in the corporate culture and sustainable development of the company's employees are necessary if the organization aims to grow and develop, attract international investors and maintain high quality standards in its work. The main principle of the compliance service is its independence and impartiality in relation to the company, therefore, outsourcing of compliance is a completely logical step for the management of the company.

TKM is ready to offer strategic support within the framework of compliance procedures, the establishment of the documentation and plans for the development of your business. In our work, we use both domestic and foreign practices to combat any abuse in the workplace, in particular the Sapin 2 law, which must be respected by French companies, UK BA and FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act). We know how to prevent, detect and investigate corruption, fraud and other abuses. As a logical consequence, we offer a number of recommendations aimed to improve and optimize processes. Based on the results obtained, we develop solutions and support the change process for the convenience of our clients.

Why is it worth contacting us to check a counterparty?

You can be confident in the professionalism of our analysts:

  • wide experience in studying the companies’ opportunities and risks in various industries.
  • a security audit and investigate the risks of counterparties at all stages for our clients.
  • we value our reputation and the reputation of our clients.

All those checks are carried out in a short time and guarantee you absolute confidentiality. You can be sure that a competent analysis of the opportunities will positively contribute to your business.

By contacting us, even in the times of COVID-19, your company will look ahead to the future and see reliable prospects for security, prosperity and stability. External changes require internal transformations in the company, such as standards, ethics, relations with counterparties, and we have solutions for your case.

If you have any questions related to this topic or would like to conduct Due Diligence procedures, please call us at +7 (495) 540 44 57 or send an email to

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