August 25, 2021

An article by TKM, titled “Bag-in-Box Counterfeits Become Hallmark of Ukraine’s Alcohol Market”, has been published by INTA in their weekly brochure, INTABulletin.

Julia Shabunina, Alexandre Kovin and Alexander Chepil, employees at TKM, shared their expertise on the recent issue in production and sale of alcoholic beverages in bag-in-box packaging in Ukraine.

The finished product in said packaging consists of a cardboard box with branding, usually a logo, plastic bags with taps to fill alcohol and the liquid itself (alcohol, water, dyes, flavors).

In Ukraine, such packaging is very typical, and the problem with its spread is relevant today: 99% of counterfeit alcohol is produced in boxes of this type.

Sales of tetrapaks are increasing every year due to low prices and active advertising from counterfeiters. The popularity of bag-in-box counterfeits can also be explained by their simple production, even at home.

For brand owners, the main obstacle is that the sale of the bag-in-box packaging itself is not prohibited in Ukraine, since this type is really suitable for original wines or alcoholic cocktail drinks.

In the case of bag-in-box falsification, only a comprehensive approach to fight against counterfeiting, including, among others, online and offline protection and cooperation with law enforcement agencies, can help achieve tangible results in the confrontation with offenders. Through the joint efforts of government agencies, copyright holders, the media and law firms, it is possible to reduce the number of counterfeits on the market.

For reference:

In Ukraine, as in other CIS countries, the “Tetra Pak” term is often used as a general term for bag-in-box packaging. However, this has nothing to do with Tetra Pak Group. The Tetra Pak Group, a multinational company with headquarters in Sweden and Switzerland, describes itself as “the world's leading food processing and packaging company”.

The article itself, including the specific court case, is available for reading at the following link: 

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