February 10, 2021

TKM's legal department represents the interests of right holders in court. The team consists of eight members: a head, five litigation lawyers with an average legal experience of 10+ years and two junior lawyers who provide support for the department's operation. In a fairly short period of time, the experience of each team member has transformed into a successful experience for the company. The legal department works closely with other departments and is an integral part of the well-coordinated and effective work of the company.

TKM International Consulting is an organization that not only detects counterfeit and brings perpetrators to justice, but also achieves compensation of damages caused to right holders.

The following was accomplished in 2020:

  • More than 2 000 cases have been transferred to the courts.
  • More than 1 500 individuals and about 500 legal entities and individual entrepreneurs were prosecuted.
  • 99% of 280 claims for damage recovery and compensation for damage caused by illegal use of trademarks were satisfied in the amount of about 300 million rubles (approx. 3 350 730 euros).
  • More than 30 million rubles (approx. 335 073 euros) was collected in favour of the company's clients.
  • Websites violating the rights of right holders were blocked.
  • Domain disputes were successfully completed.

Due to the competence of our lawyers and their diplomatic skills, some disputes were settled before resorting to litigation. This helped significantly cut down the time it took to distribute the funds to the right holders' accounts.  The clients’ interests were represented in the magistrates' and district courts, with most of the cases also tried in appellate courts and some of them in cassation ones.

The courts of cassation supported the side of the right holders, whose interests we were protecting, five times which is an excellent indicator against a backdrop of the general statistics of the Russian Federation’s courts. According to these statistics, only 0.03% of the cassation complaints were satisfied last year.

During the spring "lockdown", the activities of the legal department did not stop and partially switched to remote work. Today all specialists of the department work on-site.

In 2021, we plan to achieve higher figures. The efficiency of the department will be increased by implementing new methods and expanding the geography of operation.

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