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May 23, 2022

On April 27th, 2022 TKM took part in the Plenary session of the 14th International Forum "Intellectual Property - 21st Century" held by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

The meeting was attended by the Russian state authorities and specialized departments as speakers, such as:

- Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent);

- Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation;

- Federation Council of the Russian Federation;

- Court for Intellectual Rights of the Russian Federation;


- Eurasian Economic Commission;

- Delegation of Belarus;

- Delegation of Kazakhstan.

Elena Dmitrieva, Head of the Customs Department of TKM, attended the above event and noted the main points regarding changes in the field of intellectual property. A brief description is presented below:

Within the framework of the International Forum, the participants discussed topical issues of registration and protection of trademarks, as well as other intellectual property in Russia, the current situation in the field of protection of intellectual property rights within the framework of existing restrictions imposed on unfriendly countries, topical issues of protection of intellectual property rights of foreign brands.

It should be noted that almost all speakers were unanimous in their opinion and mentioned the need to support foreign Brands that remained in Russia.

The opposite opinion was expressed by the speaker - judge of the court for intellectual rights of the Russian Federation, Novoselova L.A., who remarked a tendency for the right holders to deliberately create conditions for collecting compensation for the illegal use of the trademark.

The main conclusions drawn from the discussion are as follows:

- it is necessary to take measures to support and protect the intellectual rights of right holders, since an effective system of intellectual rights management is an integral part of the modern national and global economy;

- it is necessary to create the most loyal conditions for the activities of foreign brands remaining in Russia;

- it is necessary to take measures to legislate the support of foreign brands remaining in Russia.

As a result of the Plenary meeting, the following proposals were fixed:

- to simplify the procedure for interaction between right holders and Rospatent and reduce the time for registration of intellectual property objects;

- introduce automatic renewal of previously registered trademarks for a period up to 31.12.2022;

- remove banking restrictions for foreign currency money transfers for paying for the services of foreign patent attorneys;

- provide a delay for the provision of documents and payment of state duty for the international registration of intellectual property;

- to provide electronic filing of applications for maintenance of patents;

- to give the employer the right to use a utility model, an industrial design developed by an employee of the company.

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